Gotham is diverse enough to handle your fast paced real estate development projects, with a management staff that has the experience to keep your program on track.


As a client, your team will enjoy a dedicated Gotham team of employees to not only develop your project, but simultaneously learn your companies corporate culture. Whether it’s wireless or utility development, Gotham’s experienced staff is deployed and focuses only on one project. Our path to success has been based in concentrating our developed and experienced talent to focus on an individual clients success.


Our company has been satisfying and meeting client expectations since 2012. Our proven history, along with our business diversity, has given our clients a competitive advantage during industry slow-downs. Said diversity provides Gotham a unique advantage to financially continue, during budgetary down turns, when others would have to pull back from existing work.


Gotham employs 45 seasoned individuals all working daily to move client projects forward within the desired schedule, scope and budget. Our performance over the years has given Gotham the opportunity to continue to serve existing clients as well as growing new partnerships. Our corporate culture, and staff development techniques, helps train newer staff members to rapidly grow into industry professionals. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can support your project.

Full Service Real Estate and Construction Specialists

Gotham is strategically located in Florham Park New Jersey which us the ability to effectively serve our clients in the NY and NJ Markets.

Certified Woman Owned Business
Fully insured for each discipline
Meeting diverse client requirements
Prioritizing safety precautions and procedures









  • Our focus
  • Dedicated
  • Committed

Our focus is to be the premiere full service wireless site development contractor in the NY and NJ Markets. As a local contracting company we have built the relationships needed to thrive in this region. Couple this with our extensive knowledge of the local zoning and permitting processes. With these two combinations, Gotham can help bring success to your wireless build plan.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets

Each client has it’s own team of dedicated Gotham personnel. This establishes a long term positive relationship between carrier and contractor. Additionally, this provides our employees to have a deep understanding of each clients processes, procedures and reporting structures.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets

We are committed to exceeding your goals, expectations, and timeless while simultaneously executing against your schedule, scope and budget. Our Project Managers, Site Acq’s and Construction teams all work under the old wireless principle “every site, every day”. That’s our commitment to each of our clients.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets


Does Gotham self-perform or sub-contract out its work?

Overall Gotham self-performs most of the work provided to us. We have a large base of experience employees that are assigned to clients. If work awards exceed what our talent pool can handle then we will sub-contract a percentage to strategic partners to ensure our clients success.

Does Gotham offer A&E services?

Not at the present time. This is one SOW that we like to outsource to ensure that there are a good mix of resources capable of handling the specific challenges presented by each site.

Does Gotham have trained in-house construction crews?

Yes, Gotham has several teams of experienced construction employees that are trained and certified to complete your build on time and within budget.