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Site Development Divisions

Gotham, and it’s teams members, have years of experience in the following areas of concentration. How can we help move your project forward?

Real Estate Acquisition

Providing Site Acquisition and Project Managment Services to the Wireless and Public Utilities Industries. Gotham’s teams can facilitate your project from planning and design to NTP.

Wireless Construction

Gotham's Construction Manangers and Certified Tower Crews have the experience and ability to complete a quality site on time and within budget. Call us, and let's discuss how we can deliver for your build plan.

Permit Expedition

No matter how big or how small the project, getting started is always one of the biggest challenges. Let our permit expeditors take care of the process for you, from completing the applications to walking it through each department.

Your WBE Partner in Site Development

With an average tenure of 20 years, Gotham’s management team has a proven track record and the experience to drive your project to a successful completion.

Self-performing all Site Acquisition Tasks
Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
Construction & Project Management
Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE)


Successfully serving the following industries. Contact us to see how Gotham’s resources can help your project.


Interested in how we can help drive your project to a
successful completion? Give Us A Call Today.


Full staff of direct and experienced employees performing all wireless Site Acquisition, Zoning and Permitting tasks throughout the NY and NJ markets - NY, NY City, Long Island and NJ


New Site Builds, Mods, Small Cell Deployments, Venue Events and Emergency Repairs our team is here to help manage all of the moving pieces associated with large and small scale wireless constuction projects


Gotham has a strong base of Project Managers, experienced in working with all stakeholders, to keep your projects schedule, scope ad budget on track and on time


With our employee based certified construction teams, and our diverse field of contracting partners, Gotham can handle both large and small carrier build plans. Give us a call to get our crews out working on your sites


Gotham has an existing skilled & dedicated team specifically formed to handle all ROW & Property Acquisition processes for the Utilities Industry


Whether is residential, commercial or wireless our permit expeditors can help reduce governmental approval times allowing you to start the project earlier than projected. Building Permits, Electrical Permits, FDNY, Site Walks and COO’s



  • Our focus
  • Dedicated
  • Committed

Our focus is to be the premiere full service wireless site development contractor in the NY and NJ Markets. As a local contracting company we have built the relationships needed to thrive in this region. Couple this with our extensive knowledge of the local zoning and permitting processes. With these two combinations, Gotham can help bring success to your wireless build plan.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets

Each client has it’s own team of dedicated Gotham personnel. This establishes a long term positive relationship between carrier and contractor. Additionally, this provides our employees to have a deep understanding of each clients processes, procedures and reporting structures.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets

We are committed to exceeding your goals, expectations, and timeless while simultaneously executing against your schedule, scope and budget. Our Project Managers, Site Acq’s and Construction teams all work under the old wireless principle “every site, every day”. That’s our commitment to each of our clients.

Real Estate Development and Construction Services
Fast, Efficient and Effective
New York and New Jersey Markets


Does Gotham self-perform or sub-contract out its work?

Overall Gotham self-performs most of the work provided to us. We have a large base of experience employees that are assigned to clients. If work awards exceed what our talent pool can handle then we will sub-contract a percentage to strategic partners to ensure our clients success.

Does Gotham offer A&E services?

Not at the present time. This is one SOW that we like to outsource to ensure that there are a good mix of resources capable of handling the specific challenges presented by each site.

Does Gotham have trained in-house construction crews?

Yes, Gotham has several teams of experienced construction employees that are trained and certified to complete your build on time and within budget.